Scent of sea and Mediterranean plants, the warmth of the sun, our family with his dogs and cats, our hospitality and the desire to share our land and our world with others… A small world made of simple things like the joy of meeting new people, of living together moments of everyday life, happy to tell our territory, an integral part of our being…


The our B&B

To know the reality of past time and this of today, into a world where the nature has modelled not only the rocks but also the souls men, moulded by the magic parfums …


The rooms sea view

The B&B Cala Peticchia, wake up immersed in nature, enchanted by the sea and the sun of La Maddalena. Our rooms offer an amazing view…


BreakFast sea view

Have breakfast on the porch of the B & B Cala Peticchia, in front Caprera island, the shimmering sea and the warmth of the morning sun…

B&B Cala Peticchia on La Maddalena island

B&B Cala Peticchia is a seaside villa faces to the homonym bay, in front of Caprera island, located on the North East coast of the island of La Maddalena in a National Park, about 5 km  from the historical center of town.
Dipped in the green, just 35 meters from the sea, it is the right place to spend a pleasant holiday of peace and relaxation.

Some photos of your B&B

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